Friday, 10 March 2017

Sunflowers & Stars Digikit from MJM Studios

Hi everyone.

So things haven't exactly gone according to plan since my last post due to my "hormonal hell" (as I've taken to calling it) which has pretty much brought my life to a complete standstill over the last couple of months or so. Fortunately, I do seem to be moving forward again now, thanks to a combination of HRT and a lot of rest but I wouldn't say I'm quite out of the woods yet.

All things work-wise have had to go on hold but I have just started to try and catch up on the projects I was doing before things went so awry. I was pleased this week to be able to finally finish the samples I was asked to do for Michelle Jackson-Mogford to help promote the fabulous new digikits she launched on DaisyTrail way back in September.

If you would like to see my samples from the first three digikits you can find them here:

My final samples come from a digikit which Michelle has called Sunflowers & Stars. Like all the other kits, it was inspired by one of her favourite artists. In this case it was Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch post-Impressionist painter.

The first design is for an A4 'Year At A Glance' calendar which I had actually managed to complete before I went AWOL and when 2017 still seemed fresh and new in everyone's minds. I used a calendar template I had already designed using the CraftArtist 2 Professional computer software and added a background paper from the digikit. I then blended in some of the lovely hand-painted embellishments to create my own bespoke background. For each month, I chose a different and appropriate embellishment and finished the design off with the artist's own quote which was one of several that Michelle had included in the kit.

For my second sample I wanted to do something a little different and used a design mock-up photo of two notebooks. This is the original photo:

And here are the designs I've added using some of the gorgeous hand-painted sunflower embellishments and a section of digital material from the digikit. Quite a difference, isn't there?

My third project is a piece of wall art which I must admit is probably my favourite of the three. I found a Creative Commons image on the internet of one of van Gogh's self-portraits and took it into the Cut Out Studio in Craft Artist to remove the background. I then added some appropriate embellishments to one of the scroll embellishments from the kit. The background was a blend of a digital background and a section of digital material with star gem embellishments added to create the starry sky. Finally I "frayed" the edges digitally to give it more of an artist's canvas look.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of Michelle's digikits and I can highly recommend them whether you are new to the wonderful world of digital crafting and design or just starting out on your journey. Like most of us who admire her work and have been inspired by it, I can't wait for the next ones.

Happy designing! 

All final designs copyright Melissa Lawrence 2017