Thursday, 10 November 2016

MJM Design Studios La Senora Mexicana Digikit

Hi everyone.

I'm back again after having to go AWOL in October for various reasons. I've been trying to catch up with everything this week and also get started on Christmas crafting (yes, I know I should have started in August!) so it's been a bit hectic which is why I'll have to try and keep this post pretty short.

I did promise in my last post that I would continue to share the projects I was asked to create from the very talented Michelle Jackson Mogford's new range of digikits. Just before I disappeared, I managed to design three digital scrapbook pages from the incredibly inspirational La Senora Mexicana digikit which you can see for yourself on the DaisyTrail website along with Michelle's other fab new kits.

All of Michelle's kits so far have made me want to find out more about the artist who inspired them and in the case of La Senora Mexicana, it is the Mexican painter and feminist icon Frida Kahlo. I already knew that Frida was one of Michelle's artistic "heroines" and I found her life and work to be really fascinating. So many women artists have never received the recognition they deserve so she is well worth checking out.

For each design, I found a Creative Commons photograph from the internet and based the page around that, using as many different elements from the kit as I could. I was lucky to find a really unusual photo of Frida which looked like it was taken from a wooden carving of her. I used the photo to create the background for the page, then manipulated it in CraftArtist 2 Professional with different blends and effects to create two new images. Then it was just a case of adding some of the beautiful hand painted flowers and other embellishments from the kit, including a word art quote from Frida which I used for the title of the page.

Although as you can probably tell from its title, the La Senora Mexicana digikit has a strong Mexican theme, there are also a number of elements which inspired me to do a completely different piece for my next project. When I came across Frida's quote "I love you more than my own skin" in the kit, it immediately made me want to do a page based around a photo of a mother holding a child. In the end, I think the photo of just the hands touching worked better, especially when I changed it to black and white. I wanted to use the heart pin to digitally "pin" the photo and ended up basing the whole design pretty much around that.

For the final piece, I went back to the Mexican theme again. I had heard of "The Day of the Dead" or Día de Muertos as it is known in Spanish, but I didn't know much about it. I thought it had a much more macabre side to it than it actually does and I felt a bit out of my comfort zone working with a photo of a skull, albeit a very colourful and decorative one. I was relieved to discover that the occasion is actually more about celebrating life than death and I had a great time jazzing up the skull in the photo with embellishments from the kit and then also using it to create the background for my page.

I can't emphasise enough how great Michelle's digikits are to work with and I'm not just saying that because she is an artistic "heroine" of mine! I've almost finished the samples from the next kit I'm working with which is called Lilies and Light (I'll leave you to guess which artist inspired it) and providing I can manage not to go AWOL again, I'll be posting them soon.

Stop press! I've now completed the samples from the Lilies and Light digikit but because they are craft projects as opposed to design projects, you can find them on My Kind Of Crafting Blog. Here is the link to the post.

Have a good week and happy designing.

All the above designs are Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

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