Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Michelle Jackson-Mogford Digikits On DaisyTrail

Hi everyone.

I have some exciting news involving digikits, DaisyTrail and my favourite demonstrator for the CraftArtist computer software, the one and only highly talented Michelle Jackson-Mogford. 

As regular readers of this blog or My Kind of Crafting Blog will know, I usually start my posts with a preamble about the weather or the state of the nation. (OK, not the state of the nation.) However, I'm not going to do that today as I want to use every inch of this post to talk about the fantastic new digikits that Michelle has just launched on DaisyTrail

I can now officially let the cat out of the bag (or the squirrel out of the tree!) and say that I knew about the kits before they went on sale because much to my great delight and "chuffedness", I was asked by Michelle to help make samples to promote the kits. I had no hesitation in saying "yes" as MJM is one of the main reasons why I am such a fan of digikits and have actually become a designer and digital crafter, thanks to the incredibly helpful and inspiring demos she used to do on the Create and Craft television channel. 

The kits are amazing and as I have around 200 digikits now, I think I know what I'm talking about! There are four kits in all and each one is inspired by a different artist. You don't need to know about the artists themselves to appreciate the kits. You can just appreciate Michelle's beautiful hand-painted artwork (some of her background papers are to die for!), quirky and original embellishments and inspirational layouts. 

You can now buy any or all of the digikits from the DaisyTrail shop. Don't forget you will need the CraftArtist computer software to be able to use them in your projects.

I plan to post details of all four kits either here or in My Kind of Crafting blog and I'm going to start with Bizarre and Fantastic. This kit is inspired by the distinctive pottery and ceramics of Clarice Cliff and the Art Deco era. I took to this kit straight away and started designing with it before I'd even looked at it properly!

 Clarice Cliff Crocus Design
(Photo Credit: Theroadislong CC)

For my first sample which is a 6 x 6 greeting card and matching insert, I used one of the white teapot embellishments from the kit, re-coloured it yellow and created the facial features using some of the tools in CraftArtist. I then took one of the white tea cup embellishments, decorated it with flowers from the kit and created the "tea" from a quick ellipse with a texture style added. (None of which I would have had a clue how to do if it hadn't been for Michelle's demos!)

The second sample, which is a piece of A4 wall art, was inspired by an image of The Tree Of Life by the artist Gustav Klimt which I happened to come across while I was researching something on the internet. Michelle's lovely little hand-painted houses and buildings in the digkit reminded me of the paper ones my mother and I used to make every Sunday night when I was a child. I liked the idea of creating a village or small town on the tree which is one of the embellishments in the digikit (enlarged) and making the piece a bit quirky by hanging the charms from the branches. And yes, it did take ages!

Finally I designed a poster advertising an imaginary jazz evening as I wanted to showcase the colourful and stylish Art Deco and musical elements in the digikit. I used one of the Art Deco style frames to create the border and then put one of the red background papers (slightly re-coloured) behind it to make the design really stand out. This was a fun project to do and a lot less time-consuming than the one above!

Hopefully you will see from my samples how versatile and inspiring this digikit is. I've already done some samples from the next kit I looked at which is called La Senora Mexicana and I'll bring them to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Michelle Jackson-Mogford, you can visit the MJM Design Studios blog or the MJM Design Studios Facebook page

Happy designing!

All designs above are Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016