Monday, 15 August 2016

DigiFiddle Designs Summer Secrets Digikit

Hi everyone.

Well, it's still rather "stop and start" with me at the moment. Things are improving a bit health and otherwise, but now my biggest challenge is to tear myself away from watching the Olympics and get down to some work. Thank goodness they only come round every four years!

Actually, the profusion of armchair sport is about the only thing I like about the summer. I know that sounds very curmudgeonly but I really do suffer during the summer both physically and mentally and this year has been particularly challenging for me.

Never mind. We're already half way through August (sorry!) and I'm hoping that September will give me a new lease of life. In the meantime, for those of you who like my late mother, think that summer is the best thing since sliced strawberries, here are some designs with a summery twist. They have all been created in CraftArtist 2 Professional using the lovely Summer Secrets free digikit from DigiFiddle Designs which has gorgeous handpainted, photo-real style images and some stunning "distressed" background papers.

My first design is a 6 x 6 greeting card front. This shows off one of the things I really like about this digikit from a design point of view. As well as the tried and tested summer images like a deckchair, beach hut and pair of sunglasses, you get some beautiful summer flora and fauna elements which I think provide an interesting twist. I love the bunting, too. And can you spot the ladybird about to crawl into the Pimm's?

I started my next design, an A5 party invitation, with the seagull and then added the shells, followed by the tumbler. I wasn't sure where to go with the design after that but a "happy accident" meant that when I selected the background paper, the floral elements happened to fall next to the glass and give the design that sort of faded/blended look. I decided to follow that look for the rest of the design, especially as it makes the seagull stand out more. 

Finally, I wanted to do a piece of 8 x 8 wall art. (You may want to check out my Etsy shop which has lots of my wall art available to instantly download and print.) There is a really striking and unusual background paper in the digikit which is more like a watercolour sketch than a background paper. I put a different background paper behind it, then copied and pasted the first paper again. By adding a blend mode I achieved quite an interesting effect, I think. The boat's name, the corner piece and the quote are my own additions.

All designs Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

If (unlike me!) you enjoy the summer, then I hope you have a good one and it sets you up nicely for the winter.