Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Inspirational Wall Art

Hi everyone.

So that was April and now we are getting into May, it looks like summer has come early, at least for the next day or two anyway.

April was an interesting month for me with lots of new stuff on the go, especially as I have decided to set up another new business as part of my  "portfolio career" (the trendy phrase for having more than one job). I am now a "musical entertainer" as well as a writer and designer/maker. I've already done my first "gig" in a care home and I think it went pretty well. I've set up a website ( and I've been busy on the phone and in person trying to organise the next one.

It's also been quite a challenging month on the personal front too and although I feel, as I intimated in my last post, that good things are ahead, it seems to be taking a while to get to them.

One of the things that has kept me going, as they always do, is positive and motivational quotes. My kitchen is plastered with them! I recently put some of my favourites into wall art designs (for yet another craft fair which didn't make much money!) and I thought I'd share them here.

The first example is one of my all time favourite quotes and I used one of my favourite digikits which is Butterfly Garden from DaisyTrail. This was one of the first digikits I ever bought. I still love the soft colour palette and the delicate artwork. And I love butterflies, of course!

The next two designs are both from a digikit called Country Garden which is part of the CraftScapes range from DaisyTrail. These are amazing kits as every element is hand-painted and practically turns you into a watercolour artist overnight. When I took my finished designs to the local print shop, the graphic designer couldn't believe they were all done digitally.

For my final piece, I've used a digikit called Garden Art which is now available free from the brilliant Digifiddle Designs. I love this quote and it was a perfect fit for this kit which contains some beautiful photo-real style floral artwork.

All above designs copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

Have a good month and May the Fourth be with you!