Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.

I'm not sure how socially acceptable it is to wish someone Happy New Year on 21st January but what the heck? Happy New Year!

I can't believe that we are already past the halfway point of January and that 2016 is well underway, although if you're anything like me you are still writing 2015 more often than not. Christmas seems like a distant memory now and thoughts for cardmakers such as myself have long been turned to Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday. Actually, I'm more focused on New Baby cards than anything else at the moment. I think there must have been something in the air eight months or so ago because the demand for baby cards is very high indeed.

Before New Year merges into Old Year, I thought I'd share with you the card design I did for my New Year cards which I sent instead of Christmas ones. I wanted to do a design that incorporated a calendar and also one of my own photos. The photo I chose was taken in my back garden a couple of years ago when we had a decent covering of snow and even my back garden looked pretty. 

This is the original photo before I did anything to it.

One of my favourite tricks when altering photos is to copy and paste another one on top, then flip it 180 degrees and put a blend mode or two from my graphics software program onto the top copy. You can get some really interesting effects doing this and the technique worked particularly well with this photo as you can see below. There are no snowy mountains or smoking factory chimneys behind my house in real life!

My next step was to add a single month digital calendar page for January as an overlay. I used the Art Journal 2016 digikit from Cottage Arts for this, as well as a 2016 embellishment which I enlarged and re-coloured. Because the embellishment had a "stamped" look to it, I decided to put a "stamp" style on my "Happy New Year" text to match. I also used a bevel edge style to give the whole design an embossed finish. 

All images copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

All I had to do then was print the design onto glossy photo paper and matt it onto a C6 white card blank for an attractive and original New Year card.

Here's hoping that 2016 will be a happy and peaceful year for as many of us as possible. Have a great one.