Friday, 16 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Digikits

Hi everyone.

Well, not long to go before the Big Day now. Hopefully you are keeping on top of the pre-Christmas stress and not drowning in a morass of mince pies and mistletoe.

I've been working round the clock recently trying to reach my pre-Christmas sales targets for my handcrafted cards, stationery and gifts business Melissa Lawrence Designs. I'm well over halfway now which is very pleasing with about 10 days to go. Someone even came round last night on their way to India and bought some items for their family over there. MLD goes global!

As I've often mentioned before when blogging, I'm not a great fan of Christmas and find it something of an endurance test but I do enjoy designing (and crafting) with all the gorgeous and inspirational artwork associated with the festive season. Because I've been so focused on making products to sell over the last few weeks, it was really nice to sit down at the computer for a while yesterday and work on some Christmas designs for this post.

I decided to pick three of my favourite Christmas digikits and create a card front design from each one. All the kits are available to download from the DaisyTrail website at the moment if you want to check any of them out for yourself.

The first kit I chose is called Hearts and Roses Christmas which has been designed by Hearts Designs. I love everything that Hearts Designs create. Their style is vintage but with a trendy twist and their kits contain imagery in soft, muted colours which provide a welcome variation from the usual Christmas colour palette.

For this 6 x 6 card front, I selected one of the vintage style toppers from the kit and used the decoupage tool in CraftArtist2 Professional to add some extra depth. I created a matt with a "messy" edge from one of the digital materials to go behind it and a background that already had a matt built into the design. The frame round the edge is an incredibly useful embellishment from the kit that I've used lots of times in various designs, as are the ribbon and the gems.

For my second design, I went much more "cutesy" with a card front from a DaisyTrail digikit called Cosy Up Christmas which is full of incredibly cute creatures, all wearing various hats, scarves, jumpers etc. The original images are clearly hand-drawn which gives the artwork a lovely nostalgic feel.

The starting point for this design came from a Christmas card I saw in a local shop which gave me the idea of putting the different creatures from the kit inside or on top of the different letters. I chose "Noel" as it fitted more easily on the page than "Christmas". I picked a background paper from the kit that had a felt-like texture to it, adding to the warm, cosy feeling of the design and also included some other embellishments such as the bells and the holly for balance.

For my final choice, I selected another DaisyTrail digikit called Manhattan Winter which is not strictly a Christmas kit but has some lovely elements in it for creating snowy scenes which are perfect for Christmas cards. However, as it's primarily a digikit based around the iconic imagery of New York, you don't need to stick to traditional scenes but can go "off piste" with fabulous New York skylines that are much more fantasy than fact. 

I must admit that I cheated very slightly with this design and used one of the pre-designed layouts in the kit as my starting point, mainly because I always panic when I'm building a complex scene that I'm not going to get the perspective right. Once I got going though, I was able to shed many of the original layout's elements and substitute others which meant I ended up with something quite different from the original. I also created my own "story" with the design. Who left the present on the bench, for example? 

As I probably won't blog here again before Christmas, I'll take this opportunity to say that I hope you have a really good one, however you choose to celebrate it and I very much look forward to sharing more designs with you in 2017.

Merry Christmas!

All the above designs are Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

MJM Design Studios La Senora Mexicana Digikit

Hi everyone.

I'm back again after having to go AWOL in October for various reasons. I've been trying to catch up with everything this week and also get started on Christmas crafting (yes, I know I should have started in August!) so it's been a bit hectic which is why I'll have to try and keep this post pretty short.

I did promise in my last post that I would continue to share the projects I was asked to create from the very talented Michelle Jackson Mogford's new range of digikits. Just before I disappeared, I managed to design three digital scrapbook pages from the incredibly inspirational La Senora Mexicana digikit which you can see for yourself on the DaisyTrail website along with Michelle's other fab new kits.

All of Michelle's kits so far have made me want to find out more about the artist who inspired them and in the case of La Senora Mexicana, it is the Mexican painter and feminist icon Frida Kahlo. I already knew that Frida was one of Michelle's artistic "heroines" and I found her life and work to be really fascinating. So many women artists have never received the recognition they deserve so she is well worth checking out.

For each design, I found a Creative Commons photograph from the internet and based the page around that, using as many different elements from the kit as I could. I was lucky to find a really unusual photo of Frida which looked like it was taken from a wooden carving of her. I used the photo to create the background for the page, then manipulated it in CraftArtist 2 Professional with different blends and effects to create two new images. Then it was just a case of adding some of the beautiful hand painted flowers and other embellishments from the kit, including a word art quote from Frida which I used for the title of the page.

Although as you can probably tell from its title, the La Senora Mexicana digikit has a strong Mexican theme, there are also a number of elements which inspired me to do a completely different piece for my next project. When I came across Frida's quote "I love you more than my own skin" in the kit, it immediately made me want to do a page based around a photo of a mother holding a child. In the end, I think the photo of just the hands touching worked better, especially when I changed it to black and white. I wanted to use the heart pin to digitally "pin" the photo and ended up basing the whole design pretty much around that.

For the final piece, I went back to the Mexican theme again. I had heard of "The Day of the Dead" or Día de Muertos as it is known in Spanish, but I didn't know much about it. I thought it had a much more macabre side to it than it actually does and I felt a bit out of my comfort zone working with a photo of a skull, albeit a very colourful and decorative one. I was relieved to discover that the occasion is actually more about celebrating life than death and I had a great time jazzing up the skull in the photo with embellishments from the kit and then also using it to create the background for my page.

I can't emphasise enough how great Michelle's digikits are to work with and I'm not just saying that because she is an artistic "heroine" of mine! I've almost finished the samples from the next kit I'm working with which is called Lilies and Light (I'll leave you to guess which artist inspired it) and providing I can manage not to go AWOL again, I'll be posting them soon.

Stop press! I've now completed the samples from the Lilies and Light digikit but because they are craft projects as opposed to design projects, you can find them on My Kind Of Crafting Blog. Here is the link to the post.

Have a good week and happy designing.

All the above designs are Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Michelle Jackson-Mogford Digikits On DaisyTrail

Hi everyone.

I have some exciting news involving digikits, DaisyTrail and my favourite demonstrator for the CraftArtist computer software, the one and only highly talented Michelle Jackson-Mogford. 

As regular readers of this blog or My Kind of Crafting Blog will know, I usually start my posts with a preamble about the weather or the state of the nation. (OK, not the state of the nation.) However, I'm not going to do that today as I want to use every inch of this post to talk about the fantastic new digikits that Michelle has just launched on DaisyTrail

I can now officially let the cat out of the bag (or the squirrel out of the tree!) and say that I knew about the kits before they went on sale because much to my great delight and "chuffedness", I was asked by Michelle to help make samples to promote the kits. I had no hesitation in saying "yes" as MJM is one of the main reasons why I am such a fan of digikits and have actually become a designer and digital crafter, thanks to the incredibly helpful and inspiring demos she used to do on the Create and Craft television channel. 

The kits are amazing and as I have around 200 digikits now, I think I know what I'm talking about! There are four kits in all and each one is inspired by a different artist. You don't need to know about the artists themselves to appreciate the kits. You can just appreciate Michelle's beautiful hand-painted artwork (some of her background papers are to die for!), quirky and original embellishments and inspirational layouts. 

You can now buy any or all of the digikits from the DaisyTrail shop. Don't forget you will need the CraftArtist computer software to be able to use them in your projects.

I plan to post details of all four kits either here or in My Kind of Crafting blog and I'm going to start with Bizarre and Fantastic. This kit is inspired by the distinctive pottery and ceramics of Clarice Cliff and the Art Deco era. I took to this kit straight away and started designing with it before I'd even looked at it properly!

 Clarice Cliff Crocus Design
(Photo Credit: Theroadislong CC)

For my first sample which is a 6 x 6 greeting card and matching insert, I used one of the white teapot embellishments from the kit, re-coloured it yellow and created the facial features using some of the tools in CraftArtist. I then took one of the white tea cup embellishments, decorated it with flowers from the kit and created the "tea" from a quick ellipse with a texture style added. (None of which I would have had a clue how to do if it hadn't been for Michelle's demos!)

The second sample, which is a piece of A4 wall art, was inspired by an image of The Tree Of Life by the artist Gustav Klimt which I happened to come across while I was researching something on the internet. Michelle's lovely little hand-painted houses and buildings in the digkit reminded me of the paper ones my mother and I used to make every Sunday night when I was a child. I liked the idea of creating a village or small town on the tree which is one of the embellishments in the digikit (enlarged) and making the piece a bit quirky by hanging the charms from the branches. And yes, it did take ages!

Finally I designed a poster advertising an imaginary jazz evening as I wanted to showcase the colourful and stylish Art Deco and musical elements in the digikit. I used one of the Art Deco style frames to create the border and then put one of the red background papers (slightly re-coloured) behind it to make the design really stand out. This was a fun project to do and a lot less time-consuming than the one above!

Hopefully you will see from my samples how versatile and inspiring this digikit is. I've already done some samples from the next kit I looked at which is called La Senora Mexicana and I'll bring them to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Michelle Jackson-Mogford, you can visit the MJM Design Studios blog or the MJM Design Studios Facebook page

Happy designing!

All designs above are Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Vintage Fashion Designs

Hi everyone.

Weird weather at the moment, isn't it? Ridiculously hot for the time of year, then thick fog overnight and into the morning. I've just opened all my windows again, now that the fog has cleared, ready for the next wave of heat. Roll on something a bit more "normal" soon!

Today I'm posing the question "What did you want to be when you were growing up?"  Was it a ballet dancer? A vet? A brain surgeon? Married to Starsky and Hutch? Or was that just me and my best friend Joy Brelsford?

Although there was no doubt in my mind from the age of seven that I wanted to be a teacher (and I didn't change my mind until my first day in the job) I actually harboured a secret ambition to be a fashion designer. My best friend, prior to Joy Brelsford, was Rosemary Power and we had our own fashion design business called White Swans which later had a dramatic change of name to Lemon Tree. Or maybe it was the other way round. I forget. 

Anyway, we took it very seriously, spending every Saturday afternoon drawing 1970s tank tops, hot pants, chunky bracelets and chain belts while making imaginary calls on a white plastic toy telephone and decorating greaseproof paper bags with our logo. Rosemary was much better at drawing then me so I did a lot of the admin. We even had our own "show", selling our drawings to willing family members for 5d and a grease proof paper bag. Not bad for two nine year olds.

One of the things I'm noticing about my designs for cards and stationery, nearly 50 years later, is that a lot of them are "fashion" related. This is quite surprising considering that my current attire clearly reflects my hatred of clothes shopping and judging by my reaction to the recent TV programme about Vogue magazine, I'd probably get on better working in an abbatoir than I would in the fashion industry.

The digital embellishments that I have created for these card front designs are definitely fashion related though. They were all made from a single photo of a lovely vintage style patchwork quilt that I found on Pixabay. Here is the original photo.

In order to design the cards, I created my own digital punches in CraftArtist 2 Professional from vector graphics of a dress, vintage boot and hat. I used them to punch out sections from the photo and then used existing CAP2 digital punches and other tools to create the heart and flower embellishments. The buttons on the dress and boot were made by drawing out a quick circle in CAP2, filling it with colour and then adding a "texture" style. The little bows on the boot and the hat were created using another punch and the hatband was a crescent shape drawn out and "squashed". (I'm too tired to remember the correct technical term!)

My first design is a DL card front. I used a lace edge digital brush in CAP2 to create the border and re-coloured it with a colour "picked" from the photo.

For the next design which is for an A5 landscape card, I used one of the new topper punches in CAP2 to create a matt for the dress. The background is a rectangle of blue picked from the photo with a texture style added to create that slight woodgrain effect.

This 6 x 6 card was actually designed for the daughters of a friend of mine who had done very well in their A'Levels and GCSEs. I'm hoping that they like vintage fashion!

 All designs copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

I really enjoyed working with this photo and creating the various fashion-related elements but I don't think Stella McCartney has anything to worry about just yet!

Stop press: The first two designs above have now also been used to create lovingly handcrafted greeting cards and at time of writing are available to buy from the Melissa Lawrence Designs website shop.

I'm off now to try and get some sleep while the temperature is still below 30 degrees.

Stay cool.

Monday, 15 August 2016

DigiFiddle Designs Summer Secrets Digikit

Hi everyone.

Well, it's still rather "stop and start" with me at the moment. Things are improving a bit health and otherwise, but now my biggest challenge is to tear myself away from watching the Olympics and get down to some work. Thank goodness they only come round every four years!

Actually, the profusion of armchair sport is about the only thing I like about the summer. I know that sounds very curmudgeonly but I really do suffer during the summer both physically and mentally and this year has been particularly challenging for me.

Never mind. We're already half way through August (sorry!) and I'm hoping that September will give me a new lease of life. In the meantime, for those of you who like my late mother, think that summer is the best thing since sliced strawberries, here are some designs with a summery twist. They have all been created in CraftArtist 2 Professional using the lovely Summer Secrets free digikit from DigiFiddle Designs which has gorgeous handpainted, photo-real style images and some stunning "distressed" background papers.

My first design is a 6 x 6 greeting card front. This shows off one of the things I really like about this digikit from a design point of view. As well as the tried and tested summer images like a deckchair, beach hut and pair of sunglasses, you get some beautiful summer flora and fauna elements which I think provide an interesting twist. I love the bunting, too. And can you spot the ladybird about to crawl into the Pimm's?

I started my next design, an A5 party invitation, with the seagull and then added the shells, followed by the tumbler. I wasn't sure where to go with the design after that but a "happy accident" meant that when I selected the background paper, the floral elements happened to fall next to the glass and give the design that sort of faded/blended look. I decided to follow that look for the rest of the design, especially as it makes the seagull stand out more. 

Finally, I wanted to do a piece of 8 x 8 wall art. (You may want to check out my Etsy shop which has lots of my wall art available to instantly download and print.) There is a really striking and unusual background paper in the digikit which is more like a watercolour sketch than a background paper. I put a different background paper behind it, then copied and pasted the first paper again. By adding a blend mode I achieved quite an interesting effect, I think. The boat's name, the corner piece and the quote are my own additions.

All designs Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

If (unlike me!) you enjoy the summer, then I hope you have a good one and it sets you up nicely for the winter.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The BFG Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone.

Well that was a long and unexpected absence from blog land. I can't believe it's been over two months since my last post but here I am at last, having managed to survive various things I could really have done without.

I can't remember the last time I had to take so much time off work and I'm having to ease myself back in gently, particularly as my office and craft room have been like cauldrons today with the soaring temperatures. Thank goodness for night working, although the moths attacking my computer screen are an occupational hazard.

One of the design projects that came to mind while I was having my enforced break was something to acknowledge that 2016 is the centenary of the birth of the much loved children's author, Roald Dahl. I must confess to not being quite as massive a Dahl fan as perhaps I should be but I know that his amazing body of work (I've just typed "wotk" by mistake which looks and sounds a bit like a "Dahl" word) and his contribution to children's literature are truly immense.

It also just happens to be the week that the film The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant for the uninitiated) based on one of Dahl's most popular characters, opens at cinemas in time for the school holidays. As I have a mini digikit with some BFG artwork in it, I decided to do a nice, simple scrapbook page to mark the occasion and tie in the centenary too.

I downloaded and then digitally "cut out" the photo of the little girl apparently looking up at the giant from Photo Rack (an excellent source of free stock photos) but everything else apart from my text, comes from the kit. I kept the design fairly simple to fit in with the illustrative style of the books and also because I'm trying to take it easy! The jagged edge on the pink digital material was achieved by using the Roughen Tool in Craft Artist Professional 2 and I also used the Transparency Tool on the image of the giant holding Sophie on the palm of his hand.

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

This is actually the first scrapbook layout I've done since the end of February so hopefully I'm back on the horse again!

If you are going to see the film either with or without kids in tow, I hope you (and they) enjoy it and I'll try to be back before another two months have passed by.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Inspirational Wall Art

Hi everyone.

So that was April and now we are getting into May, it looks like summer has come early, at least for the next day or two anyway.

April was an interesting month for me with lots of new stuff on the go, especially as I have decided to set up another new business as part of my  "portfolio career" (the trendy phrase for having more than one job). I am now a "musical entertainer" as well as a writer and designer/maker. I've already done my first "gig" in a care home and I think it went pretty well. I've set up a website ( and I've been busy on the phone and in person trying to organise the next one.

It's also been quite a challenging month on the personal front too and although I feel, as I intimated in my last post, that good things are ahead, it seems to be taking a while to get to them.

One of the things that has kept me going, as they always do, is positive and motivational quotes. My kitchen is plastered with them! I recently put some of my favourites into wall art designs (for yet another craft fair which didn't make much money!) and I thought I'd share them here.

The first example is one of my all time favourite quotes and I used one of my favourite digikits which is Butterfly Garden from DaisyTrail. This was one of the first digikits I ever bought. I still love the soft colour palette and the delicate artwork. And I love butterflies, of course!

The next two designs are both from a digikit called Country Garden which is part of the CraftScapes range from DaisyTrail. These are amazing kits as every element is hand-painted and practically turns you into a watercolour artist overnight. When I took my finished designs to the local print shop, the graphic designer couldn't believe they were all done digitally.

For my final piece, I've used a digikit called Garden Art which is now available free from the brilliant Digifiddle Designs. I love this quote and it was a perfect fit for this kit which contains some beautiful photo-real style floral artwork.

All above designs copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

Have a good month and May the Fourth be with you!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

DaisyTrail CraftScapes English Town

Hi everyone.

So this is what I've discovered recently.

1. Stress and creativity don't mix.
2. I am easily distracted.
3. I think I am on the verge of some really amazing life changing events but there have been some shark-infested waters to get through first.
4. Setting up an Etsy shop takes a lot longer than you think. (More of that to come.)

I do realise all this sounds a bit cryptic and probably too philosophical for a design blog but it's my rather obscure way of trying to explain why I've been rather conspicuous by my absence in blog-land recently.

At the moment, I am in the middle of a week long event that I am calling "Open House". This is basically where I have set up my dining room to look like a shop and have put out all my handcrafted items that I have for sale. Last weekend, I designed and made invitations for all the neighbours etc, inviting them to come round and offering free crafting activities for the kids and free refreshments. I also said I would donate 25% of all sales to the local hospice charity which I hope will attract more "customers" as well as raising money for a very good cause.

The reason why I decided to do this was because from a design, crafting and financial point of view, I had a disastrous day at a local indoor market last week. I had anticipated selling quite a lot of my stuff and making quite a lot of money as it was an all day event and I'd been led to believe that the footfall would be between 2,000 and 4,000. Unfortunately, the footfall was nowhere near this figure and all the other traders were saying that it was the worst day they could remember! I didn't even make enough money to cover the cost of the stall which was only ten pounds.

What was particularly annoying was that I'd been ill and had got off my sick bed to make a load of new stuff, working round the clock to get everything ready. So when it all arrived back in the dining room, it seemed like a good idea to try and sell it from there instead.

This is only the second day but I've already taken almost four times as much as I did at the market. There are still another five days to go and there are still plenty of people who have said they will come but haven't yet, so here's hoping.

As I indicated at the beginning of this post, I've not been quite as focused or as productive as I would have liked to have been in recent weeks. However, I did design some new A4 framed wall art for the market and I've included a couple of those pieces in this blog. They were both designed using the CS English Town Digikit from Serif which is one of my favourite digikits of all time. 

I'm not normally very comfortable working in an A4 format for wall art but I think these have turned out quite well. All I need now is for someone to buy them!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What To Do With Your Christmas Photos

Hi everyone.

How can it be February already? I'm sure we've only just had Christmas and New Year or maybe that's just me. Anyway, I hope the new month is bringing thoughts of spring, even if it feels like a long way off with all the inclement weather we seem to be having in various parts of the world.

Talking of Christmas, have you done anything with all those photos you took during the festive season yet? No, I thought not. And now they will probably just clutter up your phone until you get round to deleting them somewhere around the middle of July.

Well, help is at hand with three digital projects I've created to give you some ideas and inspiration for using them. After all, you must have thought they were worth taking at the time, even that one of your sister-in-law face down in a mince pie with half a glass of eggnog in her hand while Great Uncle Jim gurns in the background.

All you need for digital projects like these is a computer (PC not Mac), Craft Artist Professional which is an incredibly easy to use but very powerful graphics programme and a Christmas digikit to provide you with all the lovely digital backgrounds, materials, frames and embellishments you'll need to enhance your photos. Shop around on the internet for Craft Artist to get the cheapest price although even at full price, it still costs a tiny fraction of a "normal" graphics progamme.

You will find all the digikits you could possibly want, including free ones, at DaisyTrail. I've used a lovely kit called Paper Poinsettia for my designs but there are plenty of other Christmas ones you could choose from.

My first project is an example of a card front for an A5 card which could be printed out and stuck on a card blank or the design could be professionally printed. Just think how nice it would be for your family and friends to receive such a personalised card and how happy you'll be if you've got all your cards ready when there are still over 300 shopping days to go!

Top Tip: Use the "colour picker" in Craft Artist (the little tool that looks like a pipette) to recolour the background papers, materials and embellishments from the digikit so that they match your photo exactly.

My second suggestion may seem a little more complicated but it isn't really and it doesn't even need a digikit. I've created a party invitation from a photograph of presents under the tree. All I did was re-size the photo to fit an A5 blank workspace in Craft Artist and then take it into the photo editing suite (Photo Lab) which is built into the programme. It only takes one click to add a filter effect which was water-colour in this case. I then "punched" the trees from another copy of the photo using a digital punch I'd created from an embellishment and added the invitation text with the text tool. Finally I added a "texture" effect to the whole page from one of Craft Artist's built-in styles.

For my final project, I created a digital scrapbook page of a beautiful Christmas decoration which was a perfect fit for the Paper Poinsettia digikit. The white area surrounding the smaller version of the photo is an "intelligent" digital frame from the kit and the photo snaps to place in it automatically.

Top Tip: To create a decorative border around your layout, draw out a quick rectangle in Craft Artist and resize it to fit round your design. Click on one of the digital "brushes" that come with your digkit or use a built-in one from Craft Artist. Now select the brush tool from the top tool bar and watch your decorative edge miraculously grow round the edge of the page!

Why not email your scrapbook page to friends and family to remind them of the (hopefully!) happy occasion or print your page out and add some glitter or adhesive gems and then frame your design?

I hope I've inspired you to get those Christmas photos off your phone and out into the real world. And don't forget to email me with any of your creations. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Have fun!

All images Copyright 2016 Melissa Lawrence

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.

I'm not sure how socially acceptable it is to wish someone Happy New Year on 21st January but what the heck? Happy New Year!

I can't believe that we are already past the halfway point of January and that 2016 is well underway, although if you're anything like me you are still writing 2015 more often than not. Christmas seems like a distant memory now and thoughts for cardmakers such as myself have long been turned to Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday. Actually, I'm more focused on New Baby cards than anything else at the moment. I think there must have been something in the air eight months or so ago because the demand for baby cards is very high indeed.

Before New Year merges into Old Year, I thought I'd share with you the card design I did for my New Year cards which I sent instead of Christmas ones. I wanted to do a design that incorporated a calendar and also one of my own photos. The photo I chose was taken in my back garden a couple of years ago when we had a decent covering of snow and even my back garden looked pretty. 

This is the original photo before I did anything to it.

One of my favourite tricks when altering photos is to copy and paste another one on top, then flip it 180 degrees and put a blend mode or two from my graphics software program onto the top copy. You can get some really interesting effects doing this and the technique worked particularly well with this photo as you can see below. There are no snowy mountains or smoking factory chimneys behind my house in real life!

My next step was to add a single month digital calendar page for January as an overlay. I used the Art Journal 2016 digikit from Cottage Arts for this, as well as a 2016 embellishment which I enlarged and re-coloured. Because the embellishment had a "stamped" look to it, I decided to put a "stamp" style on my "Happy New Year" text to match. I also used a bevel edge style to give the whole design an embossed finish. 

All images copyright Melissa Lawrence 2016

All I had to do then was print the design onto glossy photo paper and matt it onto a C6 white card blank for an attractive and original New Year card.

Here's hoping that 2016 will be a happy and peaceful year for as many of us as possible. Have a great one.