Tuesday, 17 November 2015

2016 Calendar Designs

Hi everyone.

I hope you are safe and well tonight. It's been a tough few days, hasn't it? I'm sure you would want to join with me in sending your thoughts to the people of France and in particular Paris, after such a horrific series of incidents last Friday.

I know it sounds a bit pathetic in the light of other people's troubles but a combination of recurring illness, the horrible weather (when did it get so dark?) and a few personal problems which I won't bore you with, have rather lowered my productivity this month. I've also been trying to get some new stock ready for You Know What in my various online shops, so blog projects have been a bit thin on the ground.

Given that we are not too long from the start of a whole new year (hoorah!), I thought I would share a couple of 2016 calendars that I've designed and made. They are actually based on the same photo I used in my last blog post (http://melissalawrencedesigner.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/playing-around-with-photos.html) but I've used the photo in quite a different way.

I started with a calendar template from one of the Cottage Arts digikits and designed my own background using the photo. In case you missed my last post, here is the original photo which I found on

I placed a white background behind the calendar months so they showed up more clearly and added a swirl pattern. Then it was time to go to town on the photo, adding blends and various effects in the Photo Lab of Craft Artist Professional. I also added a script overlay and some re-coloured "distressing" from a Graphic Authority digikit. The finishing touch was to create a small embellishment, also using an element from the photo, to add to the foot of the design.

I was so pleased with the results (although I do say so myself!) that I decided to produce the design in another colour. I took it into Photo Lab again and played around with the colour temperature, saturation and intensity which is something I've only recently discovered how to do, to produce the same design in warmer colours.

Both calendars have now been printed out and mounted onto card, then hand-finished with a little glitter, ready to put into an A4 frame. They are both currently available to buy at http://www.melissalawrencedesigns.com/ourshop/cat_1023803-Calendars.html

Here's hoping that 2016 goes some way to bringing the peace in our world that we surely all seek.