Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Playing Around With Photos

Hi everyone.

Well, hopefully that's got the "dreaded lurgy" out of the way for winter, although there is still a long way to go yet, of course! Anyway, I'm back at work again after having had to take my first official sick days since January. Mind you, I seem to have started coughing again today but hopefully it's just the damp weather or the central heating.

I've been doing rather too much thinking while I've been laid aside and watching far too much TV but you're allowed to do that when you're ill, aren't you? One of the things I've been thinking about is how to create my designs. I realise that probably sounds a silly question for a designer to ask but as someone who can't draw for toffee, or indeed any other sweet, I can't design from my own artwork like most designers do.

I've been experimenting quite a lot with doing designs almost exclusively from photographs (my own and copyright free ones) with just very small amounts of ready-made graphics thrown in.

While I was working recently on designing the first digital craft supplies for my soon-to-be opened Etsy shop, I found this gorgeous photo of a floral painting on Public Domain Pictures which is one of my favourite sites for PD photos.

As soon as I saw it, I immediately wanted to start creating a background or 8 x 8 scrapbook paper from it and actually came up with three designs in the end, so my break obviously did me good.

My first design has kept the original colours of the photo but I've added a watercolour effect and a blend mode using Craft Artist 2. I also added a script overlay from a Graphic Authority digikit and re-coloured it. A simple design but quite effective, as I hope you'll agree.

For my next design, I re-coloured the photo in the Photo Lab section of CAP2 and added lots of re-coloured crackle and distressed overlays from the same Graphic Authority kit to create a more vintage look which I felt worked really well with this photo.

The final design turned out very differently from the other two, showing just how versatile one photo can be. Admittedly I used a different section of the original but I think you might be hard-pressed to identify it as also coming from the same photo.

To achieve the basic design, I put a pink block of colour under the photo and added a blend mode and a colour fill. Then I took it into the Photo Lab, again in good old CAP2 and played around with the hue channel sliders and various filters until I eventually came up with something I was happy with. I still felt the design needed something to create "texture" so that it looked more like material than paper and I found the perfect digital embossing folder in one of my DaisyTrail digikits.

Now all I need to do is to stay well and keep working on how to create my own embellishments from photos, which is not so easy!

Enjoy the rest of October and I'll see you in November. (Where is this year going?)

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